poem.exe (2014-06-20)

Tiny haiku-like poems, posted at random intervals throughout the day.  More »

everyadage (2014-06-07)

Absurd aphorisms for inspiration and mystification (mostly the latter). It evolved from an attempt at mashing up the Dao De Jing with Alice in Wonderland, and continues to evolve today.  More »

Code minus context

These bots tweet a random line of code once every hour.

Rust minus context (2015-05-25)

Every line of Rust code from every numbered release of the Rust programming language.

PROGRAMR.BAT (2014-07-19)

Code from a variety of open-source projects. Many of the more interesting lines come from Nethack.

Cheap Bots Done Quick

Generative bots made with Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

everydeity (2015-06-02)

Gods you never heard of.

robot recipes (2015-05-30)

Tasty recipes for robots only.

[face] to [face] (2015-05-26)

Curious encounters.


Scarequoter (2016-03-03)

Takes ‘headlines’ from the BBC and moves the ‘scare quotes’ around.

CyberPrefixer IE (2015-06-05)

Scary-sounding cyberheadlines from the Cyberrepublic of Ireland. This is an Irish variation of Molly White’s CyberPrefixer. It was inspired by another variation for Australia: Jessica Stokes’s CyberPrefixer AU.

everyhaiku (2014-11-09)

Randomly generated haiku in Japanese, conforming to the 5–7–5 form.

coolbot420 (2014-09-20)

4:20 verb noun every day.

botechre (2014-08-20)

Enigmatic song titles inspired by Autechre.  More »

opus.exe (2014-07-11)

A comprehensive catalogue of musical works by the fictional composer Jürgen Sebastian Bot.

airport.exe (2014-06-28)

A highly frequent flyer, travelling from one airport to another. In November 2014 this bot settled down for good in Warsaw.

The Match (2014-06-13)

Fictional scores from fictional football games, once every hour.


These bots were inspired by Allison Parrish’s @everyword.

everywikt (2015-09-19)

Every word on Wiktionary – 4 million and counting.

rireljbeq (2014-10-11)

Every word in the English language, encoded in ROT13 (three times for security) and sorted in ROT13 order. Task will complete in 2021.

gachfocal (2014-07-05)

Every word in the Irish language. Based on a 1977 dictionary, with a couple of modern words thrown in. Task will complete in 2017.

every snake (2014-06-15)

Every word in the English language with ‘snake’ appended. Punk snake; sobbing snake; literally snake. Ssssometimes it makes ssssnake ssssounds. Task will complete in 2018.

tokiale (2013-09-27)

Every word in Toki Pona, a constructed language by Sonja Lang. The bot completed its task quickly in October 2013. It made a second run, at the end of 2014, using an updated word list from the official Toki Pona book.

eveywilliwaw (2013-03-18)

Every word in the English language that can be written without using curved lines. Task completed in June 2013.


Bots that use Markov text generators to mash up tweets.

can you even (2014-07-30)

Frankenstein’s _ebooks, combining the tweets of multiple humans: @dbaker_h, @glittervolt, @inky, @katierosepipkin, @mattlaschneider, @negatendo, @swayandsea, and @thricedotted.

horse_inky (2014-06-14)

Strange automated experiments on my own tweets.